Performtel :: Your Success Starts Here

PerformTel Inc. was founded on the principle of understanding that we could deliver a higher standard of call center service to the direct response industry. We combine the latest in technology along with direct industry experience to provide you the best possible services to meet your needs. Our company is dedicated to our transparency and we truly understand if our clients are not successful, neither are we.

Delivering efficient and productive BPO “Business Process Outsourcing” services is a science and as a business owner, your demands and expectations are very high. Whether it is more leads, more saves on your existing customers, less refunds and chargebacks, having a more effective agent script or just shorter hold-times for your campaigns, you’ve come to the right place. Unlike most call centers, everyone in our company is on the same page. Our executives, managers, and agents truly understand your needs and expectations, we provide the experience and ability to deliver results that will exceed what you have come to expect from a typical call center.

Our state of the art call-center facility and technology provides clients with 99.9% up-time that is available to you and your customers at whatever schedule you choose. Our 24×7 availability allows us to provide around the clock protection and services your company needs. Our unique service offerings help to stimulate your business growth and keep your campaigns running smoothly on the backend. We know that focusing on marketing and acquiring customers is your primary objective, as it should be, we provide you the peace of mind knowing that we are protecting and enhancing your customer’s experience.

Why PerformTel?

PerformTel was created because no other call center provides direct response advertisers and merchants with the total solution and package that we do. We are committed to our clients success, our Leadership team has over a decade of experience in the direct response and call center industry, this experience has enabled us a firsthand understanding at not only what you need, but what you should expect from a call center. We’re here to keep your business running smoother, longer, and more profitable. We welcome you to be a part of our company’s vision in delivering the absolute Best Call Center BPO services in the marketplace. We go above and beyond what other call centers might consider acceptable, let us surprise you with the results a real direct response call center can deliver.

What Makes us the Industry Leader in Direct Response Call Center Services?

  • Full Transparency and Understanding of Client Needs
  • Robust Technology and Infrastructure to Support Vast Scalability
  • Extensive Agent Training Process in the Direct Response Industry
  • Over a Decade of Direct Response and Call Center Experience
  • Directly Work with Top Affiliates and Advertisers in the Performance Marketing Space
  • Leadership Team Consisting of Former Direct Response Marketers
  • Understanding That Your Success Equals Our Success
  • Ability and Willingness to Adapt to Fit Unique Business Models

To get Started visit our Contact page here and tell us about your call center needs. A company representative will contact you back within 24-48 business hours. You can you also contact us immediately by phone at 1-877-867-9664 or by email at